Getting rid of addiction is a very difficult task. Almost every person who is dependent on substances asks himself how to quit using drugs. First of all, it is necessary to convince the addict that his dependence is a problem that cannot be solved independently.

The voluntary desire to get rid of addiction is the main factor on which the success of treatment depends. It is very important that at this time, next to the drug addict, there was a person who would help him emotionally and would not let him fall. For the other drugs and opiate withdrawal this is the best option now.

Getting rid of physical dependence

To get rid of drugs you need 1-5 years. First, the addict is placed in a dispensary. There he needs to undergo a course of treatment – i.e. overcome physical dependence.

To do this, perform detoxification – removal of harmful substances. It is important that harmful substances are eliminated not only from the blood, but also from fat and muscle tissue. Otherwise, a person who has got rid of drugs can again return to a bad habit, because when burning fat, some of the drug can again get into the blood.

In addition, patients are administered neuroleptics – psychotropic substances that reduce motor activity and calm the nervous system, as well as antidepressants. All this allows you to get rid of the withdrawal syndrome.

Rehabilitation and psychotherapy

Often, drug addicts are convinced that after cleaning the body they will be able to cope with their problem on their own and will be able to quit using drugs without further rehabilitation. However, it is important to eliminate and psychic dependence – i.e. that emotional discomfort, which is felt in the absence of a drug. It is important to realize that complete control over one’s will can be achieved only after the dependence is overcome.

For this, the patient must undergo psychotherapy and rehabilitation. Their goal is to inspire thoughts about the inadmissibility of drug use. Very useful for the patient will be communication with those people who have already recovered from drug addiction.

  • Quit using drugs is possible!
  • Also the addict must develop the following habits:
  • Stop contact with people who sell drugs. It will be useful to expand the circle of communication.
  • Find a new lesson and hobbies. this will cope with bouts of depression
  • Start exercising.

The duration of this stage of treatment can be several months. During rehabilitation, the doctor may prescribe an additional course of medication or a session of psychotherapy or hypnosis. Its success depends on whether the patient will be able to identify and eliminate the reasons for which he became a drug addict.

Neglecting the removal of toxins with the help of detox programs, it is practically impossible to achieve a positive result. The main function of the liver is to process toxins, but with constant poisoning it can no longer cope with the task at hand. Sooner or later deep-seated poisons will remind of themselves, and the person risks to return to the addiction.